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Allograft – Soft Tissue Root Coverage


An Allograft grafting procedure can be performed for soft tissue root coverage utilizing Allograft material. This procedure can also prevent further recession. Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from disease and sensitivity and helps you have a great smile. This procedure is performed to treat tissue loss which will establish a natural esthetic outcome. It can also be used to aid in containing bone graft materials.


What is an Allograft?

An Allograft is human tissue that has been processed to remove all cells, leaving a collagen matrix. This matrix gives you a predictable alternative to using your own tissue and offers the advantages of being readily available. The results are the same as using your own tissue. When tissue is removed from the patient’s palate, it creates a second surgical site that can lead to increased pain and discomfort.


Safety of Allografts

Allografts were introduced in 1994 and have been used in over one million medical and dental procedures with no incidence of disease transmission. Allografts are disease-free before released for patient care. They are processed from screened donors and are very safe and effective.


Before and After

Below is a case that was completed using an Allograft Regenerative Tissue Matrix to cover exposed roots. In the post-operative photo the roots are covered and now have a pleasing youthful appearance. The tissue will continue to remodel and their appearance will continue to improve. If you have any questions about Allograft, or any of our other root coverage procedures, please call our office.

Root surfaces are exposed prior to Allograft


2 weeks post-op

Root surfaces are now covered and protected following grafting with Allograft material.


After Surgery

These procedures are relatively pain-free! You will be prescribed a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs) for any minor discomfort you may experience. A prescription mouthwash will be used to cleanse the site. Dr. Crofcheck is available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.


Healing Process

In time, Allografts will allow regrowth of your own healthy tissue. Soon, you won’t be able to tell a surgical procedure was completed.



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