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Oral Surgery Specialist

Magi Crofcheck, DDS -  - Periodontist

Magi Crofcheck, DDS

Periodontist & Implantologist located in Webster, TX

Oral surgery should always be performed by an experienced periodontist who has the skills to enhance both function and appearance. At her practice, Magi Crofcheck, DDS, offers oral surgery that is customized to meet your unique needs, whether it’s an extraction to prepare for dental implants, bone grafts, tissue grafts, or the placement of new dental implants. Call the Webster, Texas, office today.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What types of oral surgery are available?

Magi Crofcheck, DDS, offers many different oral surgeries. Some of the most common surgeries include:

Bone or tissue grafts

Bone grafts and gum tissue grafts help restore your mouth after you’ve lost jaw or sinus bone or after you’ve experienced gum tissue recession. 

There are many different types of bone restoration, including human bone, cow bone, and synthetic bone. Some of the tissue graft options include collagen matrix graft, human tissue allograft, and tissue transfer from the roof of your mouth. 


Tooth extractions can be complex, especially if you’re preparing for dental implants. It’s important to preserve your socket to prevent bone loss, which is one of the things the periodontal team at Magi Crofcheck, DDS, specializes in.

Dental implants

As periodontal care experts, the team at Magi Crofcheck, DDS has extensive background with dental implant placement. 

Oral surgery to get new dental implants may be multipart, depending on whether you need bone grafts, gum tissue grafts, tooth extractions, or other surgery to prepare.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure in which your periodontist at Magi Crofcheck, DDS, reshapes your gums to expose more of your tooth. This type of oral surgery can improve your appearance by making your teeth look more proportionate. 

Crown lengthening is also sometimes needed for functionality. For example, your periodontist might do crown lengthening to expose more tooth surface, so your tooth can hold a restoration like a crown. 

Your periodontist at Magi Crofcheck, DDS, is an experienced surgeon who can perform any oral surgery related to periodontal disease or dental implants. 

How do sedation and pain control work during oral surgery?

Fearful patients need not worry at Magi Crofcheck, DDS. You won’t be in pain, and you won’t suffer anxiety either.


Both oral sedatives and conscious sedation are available to make your oral surgery a worry-free procedure. Oral sedatives are in pill form. Usually, you take the pills either right before bed the night before your oral surgery or about an hour before your scheduled surgery. 

Conscious sedation is administered intravenously on-site at Magi Crofcheck, DDS. You’ll be completely relaxed but will be conscious the whole time. 


Depending on your needs and the type of oral surgery, your periodontist administers anesthesia in the surgery area. You’ll be completely numb during the procedure, and for a few hours afterward, as well. 

If needed, your Magi Crofcheck, DDS, periodontist can prescribe other medications after your oral surgery, such as pain medicine or antibiotics. 

Use the online scheduler, or call Magi Crofcheck, DDS, to book your appointment now.