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Root Coverage Procedures


Do you have receding gums or sensitive roots? Soft tissue grafts restore healthy gum tissue, cover exposed roots and also prevent from further gum recession. Healthy gums protect your teeth from disease and sensitivity and help you have a great smile. If left untreated, tooth loss will inevitably occur. 

The Subepithelial Connective Tissue GraftAllograftMucograft, and Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) are four types of periodontal plastic surgical procedures that we offer to treat gum recession. Treatment is tailored specifically to meet your individual needs to produce a natural esthetic outcome. Each technique has a predictable outcome which increases the comfort level for the patient. Dr. Crofcheck is a trained specialist with these procedures and attends continuing education courses several times a year to refine her techniques. She has been successfully performing grafting for over 20 years.

Gum Recession

Gum recession is the process in which the tissue that surrounds the teeth pulls away and exposes more of the tooth or even the root of the tooth. The three leading reasons why gum tissue recedes are hard tooth brushing, periodontal (gum) disease and occlusion. Roots that are exposed can become sensitive to temperature changes, vulnerable to decay and have loss of surrounding bone.

Exposed roots and gum recession can lead to many problems which may include:

  • Further recession risk
  • Increase in plaque build-up
  • Difficulty in oral hygiene
  • Loss of surrounding bone
  • Increase in root sensitivity to touch and temperature changes
  • Decrease in aesthetics or overall appearance

After Surgery

These procedures are relatively pain-free! You will be prescribed a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID) for any minor discomfort you may experience. If several teeth are being treated at one time, you may develop slight swelling or bruising but as long as you follow your post-operative instructions, this will be kept to a minimum. Please call our office if you have any questions or would like a consultation.



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