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Sinus Lift


Sinus Lift – Maxillary Sinus Elevation and Bone Augmentation

A Sinus Lift surgery, also known as Maxillary Sinus Elevation and Bone Augmentation, is a predictable technique used to increase the amount of vertical bone height in the posterior maxilla (top jaw, back molar areas) The sinus membrane is moved upward or lifted and bone graft material is packed into the newly created place. This procedure results in new bone growth ideal for implant placement.


Importance of Bone Availability

The availability of bone is one of the most important factors that can determine the ultimate success for implant placement. When teeth are lost, whether caused by disease or trauma, it can result in severe deficiency of the alveolar bone. Placing implants in the edentulous posterior maxilla (top jaw, back molar areas) often presents a clinical challenge due to the insufficient bone volume resulting from the location of the maxillary sinus along with the resorption or loss of alveolar crestal bone.

X-Ray of Sinus Deficiency (I-CAT)



The Sinus Lift Procedure

Access to the maxillary sinus is made through a small opening and grafting materials are placed into the sinus. Implants can then be placed immediately or 3 months after adequate healing.



The sinus graft procedure with implant placement is a highly predictable and effective therapeutic modality for the rehabilitation of the posterior maxilla.

X-ray of successful sinus graft procedure with an implant placed

What are the benefits of a Sinus Lift?

Before the utilization of bone augmentation procedures, patients with missing teeth and deficient bone could only have their missing teeth be replaced with removable partials or short implants which have a high failure rate. Therefore, the maxillary sinus elevation procedure has become a predictable technique to increase the amount of vertical bone height in the posterior maxilla for the placement of implants.


After Surgery

This procedure is relatively pain-free! You will be prescribed a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication for any minor discomfort you may experience. A prescription mouthwash will be used to cleanse the site. Dr. Crofcheck has been performing sinus lift procedures for over 25 years with complete success. Intravenous sedation options are available to increase your comfort level. She is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.


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