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Crown Lengthening Specialist

Magi Crofcheck, DDS -  - Periodontist

Magi Crofcheck, DDS

Periodontist & Implantologist located in Webster, TX

If you hate your gummy smile, or if you don’t have enough tooth surface to use your tooth properly, crown lengthening might be exactly what you need. At her practice, Dr. Crofcheck, and her experienced team of periodontal and implants experts are happy to help you uncover your best and brightest smile. Call the Webster, Texas, office to make your appointment now.

Crown Lengthening Q & A

Functional Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening is a surgical procedure that recontours the gum tissue and often the underlying bone surrounding one or more teeth so that an adequate amount of healthy tooth is exposed. Crown lengthening is often used as part of a treatment plan for a tooth that is to be fitted with a crown. This procedure provides the necessary space between the supporting bone and crown, preventing the new crown from damaging gum tissues and bone.

What are the benefits of Crown Lengthening?

Functional crown lengthening is an important part of an integrated effort to optimize your health, appearance, comfort, and function.

A beautiful new smile and improved periodontal health are your keys to smiling, eating and speaking with comfort and confidence.

Also, crown lengthening can be recommended in order to make a restorative procedure possible. If a tooth is badly worn, decayed or fractured below the gum, the tissue can be gently removed. Sometimes the bone is also carefully removed if necessary. This allows better access to more of the tooth so it can be restored. 

Anterior Crown Lengthening

Many patients are unhappy with their “gummy smile”. They may have crooked, stained or fractured front teeth with gum margins that are too low.

This condition is often addressed as a “gummy smile” and maybe corrected easily with the procedure of surgical crown lengthening.

This periodontal plastic surgery is performed with exceptional results and no downtime for our patients.

If you have any questions on crown lengthening, please call our office and we will be able to assist.

anterior crowns

  • Before Anterior Crown Lengthening
    After Anterior Crown Lengthening
  • Before Anterior Crown Lengthening
    2 Weeks After Anterior Crown Lengthening

Before Crown Lengthening

After Crown Lengthening

2 Weeks After Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening 1

Crown Lengthening 2

Crown Lengthening 3