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Routine Three Month Cleanings


Periodontal disease is a chronic disease. Even following treatment, there is a high chance of recurrence. The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) recommends that you have your teeth cleaned three or more times a year.

At these cleanings, we will check for new gum damage and bone loss by measuring the pocket depths (of the gum tissue surrounding your teeth.) Radiographs may be taken to evaluate further bone loss. A thorough cleaning will be done to reduce plaque, any infection, and other causes of periodontal disease. All areas of tartar deposits will be removed. Your home care regimen will be reviewed. Home care is your best weapon against periodontal disease! New recommendations will be given and your overall health evaluated. We will communicate our findings with your general dentist.

Your cleanings are important and can only be done by a dental professional!! The cleanings can help keep periodontal disease from returning and worsening ~ and that can help prevent tooth loss. Take charge of your overall health and well being ~ so don’t be a stranger!!

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