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The Benefits of Dental Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening involves the removal of excess bone or gum tissue around your teeth to ensure that the proper amount of healthy tooth is exposed. This procedure can be performed by certified periodontists and dentists. Although crown lengthening can potentially improve the success of certain procedures and your dental health, it is also used by cosmetic dentists to enhance beauty.

Common Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Unlike other treatments in cosmetic dentistry, crown lengthening does not need to be repeated over and over again. It just needs to be performed once. In most cases, you will not need any touch-ups or follow-ups. Besides improving your smile and making it more beautiful, crown lengthening also offers dental care benefits. Where applicable, it can help reduce the risk of tooth decay by making your tooth more accessible for flossing and brushing. Moreover, this is a simple surgery and patients

In case you have been worried about your dental health and smile, crown lengthening will be worth the short-term discomfort and cost. If your gums are uneven or asymmetrical, crown lengthening can enhance the appearance of your smile and teeth. Please call us at 281-286-0056 if you are interested in Crown Lengthening or any of the other services we provide at our office.

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