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Learn more about Houston Periodontist, Dr. Magi Crofcheck

Welcome to the new website of Dr. Magi Crofcheck, DDS, PA. Dr. Crofcheck has been serving the greater Houston and Clear Lake areas for over 20 years. She has an advanced education in Periodontics and Dental Implants and is married to Oral Surgeon, Dr. Michael Anton.

Dr. Crofcheck and Dr. Anton hold occasional continuing education seminars created to educate general dentists in the Houston area about Periodontics and Oral Surgery so that patients can receive the best dental treatment available.

Technology and education are important to Dr. Crofcheck. The office is well equipped with the best technology available to ensure a successful outcome for treatment. Sedation options are available and the utmost care is utilized to provide a comfortable experience.

Patients who are looking for a periodontist who provides an individualized, comfortable and complete experience, can browse our website to see how thorough, knowledgeable, advanced, and comfortable we strive to implement into every aspect of patients’ dental care.

Please call us at 281-286-0056 if you have any questions, comments or concerns about your periodontal, dental health. We look forward to serving your dental needs.

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At the office of Magi Crofcheck, DDS, PA, every patient we see is treated with the utmost care, and each treatment plan is catered to the specific needs of each individual.